A matter of mind and tools

Who we are

The Mindus Company was founded in September 2015 by Christopher and Nathalie Mindus in Monaco. We provide trend-breaking sustainable technologies.

Christopher had a vision of iizi when 3G was barely a reality. He predicted that everything would be connected, at all times. Nobody believed him; nobody understood what he was referring to. He meant to connect what we do in real-time with everything we have. Christopher anticipated the crucial needs to build adaptive, sustainable and flexible apps, visioning the revolution of devices. He also said that this seamless communication requested a disruptive app architecture. He fulfilled his vision when he created this simple app concept with a unique code and centralized support to ensure timeless and seamless usage. That is how iizi was born. 

Today, he brings you living apps that follows you across devices, a true reflection of our digital lifestyle. It is based on a new app-making generation where unified code for all is reality. Simplicity at its best.

Our mission

The iizi platform is created to solve the biggest challenge in digital transformation: to improve your connected life. Apps are essential in this process, so we simplify the making of apps and give the opportunity for any individual to build an app with a single cross-platform development disrupting real-time services through streaming. We go further by encouraging and rewarding all developers for their work and dedication with iizi. We believe we all can enrich and shape tomorrow's digital for future generations. Because the digital is you.