diversity is innovation

iiziApps, the next gen apps, are "Google Docs" for anything.

Meet your new intelligent friend, iizi, the seamless digital experience that assists you daily.

By reinventing the code and its communication, we disrupt digital life for everyone with next gen apps. Unleash your apps to each other, share anything live on any devices, in any field. You can finally optimize your digital life. 

Mindus is the powerhouse of code, totally focused on Customer Experience. Big or small, private, social, industrial, even large business applications; any app can be made with iizi. Make your very own digital friend, helping you through all devices. iizi is an out of the box software development toolkit with one installation.



Code is freedom. All apps, mobile or web, are built the same way with iizi. You can build Android, iOS and web apps with one single Java code.

Based on Eclipse, the iizi platform includes prototyping in real-time, UI design, debugging and testing, deployment, a production server with hosting and creation of apps. Focus on both well-being and performance.



Digital is a mindset. iizi rethinks and empowers the code. Simplifying the coding complexity, agility and security for customized apps makes life easier for citizen and professional developers, as well as leaders and non-coders.

Modules to enhance digital skills given by school partners will be available soon.  

Mindus believes code is essential, no matter what job position. With iizi, code is knowledge, freedom and sustainable creativity.

iizi is sustainable digitalization by breaking the code & streamed communication: a democratized multi-channel code opening innovation to diversity & collaboration between apps. Reinventing apps communication by streaming apps gives agnosticism, zero latency and optimal data protection. 

iizi delivers a major solution for e-services: a personal assistant human / AI in real time in the app, applicable to any e-service. Share what you do in real-time with anyone, anywhere.

Empower your SEAMLESS digital experience

With zero latency and ultimate safety.