diversity is innovation

Spotify streams music. Netflix streams movies. iizi streams apps.

By democratizing the code, creativity is accessible to anyone. iizi is a unique high control and high productivity platform, totally focused on Customer Experience. iizi is a patented architecture producing server based apps. Big or small, private, social, industrial, even large business applications; any app can be made with iizi. All apps, mobile or web, are built the same way with iizi. This means that you can build mob and web apps with one single Java code. iizi is an out of the box software development toolkit with one installation.

iizi is also the server, the hosting, the maintenance and the deployment; even the monetizing, with its disrupting redistribution of royalties to coders.

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Code is freedom. Based on Eclipse, the iizi platform includes prototyping in real-time, UI design, debugging and testing, deployment, a production server with hosting and creation of web and mobile apps for tablet and phone for Android and iOS. One unified code for all mob and web. Focus on both well-being and performance.



Digital is a mindset. For optimal performance, it includes all tasks. Simplifying the coding complexity, agility and security for customized apps makes life easier for citizen and professional developers, as well as leaders and non-coders. Modules to enhance digital skills given by school partners will be available soon.  

You build the iiziApp in Eclipse to run on the server. The iizi Streaming technology allows simultaneous visualization of prototypes. It is also used to interact with apps in development or finalized/distributed apps. Always in line with innovative and open agility, an iiziApp can be integrated with anything.

iizi is ready for automated creation of multilingual apps. E.g. you develop the app in French and simultaneously get it in English, German, Chinese, etc., in real time. iizi is also Big data analysis ready for customer behavior, IoT ready, AI ready, and Legacy ready (IBM Z mainframe and iSeries).

Data protection, freedom from devices and customer services are major benefits from iiziApps. As apps are not running on the devices; the data is stored securely on the server, so optimal security is naturally implied. The apps can be picked up anywhere, from anything. Users do not lose a thing anymore, due to battery or connection failure. Again, streaming of apps is highly innovative. Disrupt customer services by producing a new gen of apps with iizi, e.g. apps that people can share with other people simultaneously.

The core of iizi is event and focus driven, making it so easy to unleash creativity, allowing instant prototypes, full customization and new apps challenges. All in Java.