iizi, YOUR TRUSTED platform

We broke the code, we went the opposite of what is happening, to be able to create applications that do not require download, which avoids all the problems of latency, privacy, security, energy consumption... With iizi, you can take your whole world with you and find your apps as well on your mobile, PC or tablet and even be able to share with others if you wish. This is a radical change of use!

Thanks to iizi, you can adapt to the tastes and desires of your customers, go deep in customization to retain them, which is essential today for their sustainability. iizi remains a living platform, designed to evolve, everything is possible even the AI/ML, 3D/AR and IoT. Adaptivity is sutainability.

No more need to update for the user, who is met with an updated version as soon as he opens his application, nor to wait for the download to take place. No more worry for his data, since you can choose to be traceable or not.



Citizen or expert developers, iizi is your ticket to innovation. It is iizi to learn, iizi to use, iizi to deploy. We take care of everything: platform, server, hosting, maintenance and deployment.

All apps, mobile or web, are built the same way with iizi. This means that you build Android, iOS and web apps with one single Java code. Democratizing multi-channel code widens diversity and creativity. It also helps to meet the growing demand of developers, enabling diverse people to integrate digitization faster.



Digitization is accompanied by a change of state of mind, it is necessary to think the world differently, which does not mean to do whatever. We must stop thinking in a tunnel and use the freedom of democratized code. This puts the human back in control of his digital life.

Today, leaders have skills in business, but deep skills gaps in digital, that can be very damaging for their business. An awareness is necessary, we must give them the means to think digitization.

Breaking the code is not sufficient. The infrastructure is streaming communication combined with democratized multi-channel code, opening collaboration between apps. Reinventing apps communication by streaming gives agnosticism, zero latency and optimal data protection. 

iizi delivers a major solution for e-services: a personal assistant human/AI in real time in the app, applicable to any e-service. Share what you do in real-time with anyone, anywhere.

Empower your SEAMLESS digital experience

With zero latency and ultimate safety.