What We Do

We provide trend-breaking sustainable technologies.
We are a dynamic geeky team mixing solid computing development experience and durable JAVA code with unexpected technologies.

iizi equals to 42 man development years, iizi is the new app making.

Listen, learn and build. Smart code allows anybody to build an app.

iizi, the Only Application Platform designed for Simplicity, Smart, Control, Digital Freedom and Seamless Experience to both App makers and any users. It is the easiest platform to unleash digital innovation and make apps.

Vision, challenge and hard work and fun embedded with quality and security is our motto.


Follow Me

Switch between any device. Continue exactly on the same spot. The app follows you. Never lose a task due to power or connectivity.

Global mobility


Share sessions live and simultaneously. With anybody, anywhere, on anything. Available. Always. IoL - Internet of Life is happening.

Human virtuality


Open doors to anyone with fresh minds who wants to make an app. Cross-platform app development is adaptive, durable and cost efficient.

Optimal performance

One code

One development for mobile and web. Different, it is fast-time to market, economical and production efficiency, with disruptive use.

Unified code is reality