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There are 3 versions of the iiziGo development platform for the operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

iiziGo runs under 64 bit operating systems. You need at least 8 GB RAM, 1 GB free disk space and a full HD display or better.

  1. Windows (7 or better — 64-bit):
    The Windows setup downloads consists of the entire iizi platform and optionally including a Java Software Development Kit.

  2. macOS:
    The iizi platform is currently in a beta stage and does not include a Java VM. You need an installation of Java JDK 8 or better.

  3. Linux:
    The supported linux versions are still under test and the iizi product under Linux should be considered as an alpha version. You need an installation of Java JDK 8 or better.

We would be very glad if you would provide us with this information in the form above, but for those of you that are in a really in hurry, click here to download iizi.

If you get stuck or have a question: simply send a mail to support “at”