No more downloading of apps changes it all

By Lætitia Reynaud
Monaco Économie, no 108
25 October 2018

ZOOM on Monaco’s Digital Revolution

Mindus is one of the new start-up companies that chose Monaco to develop their future. Mindus was created in 2015 by IT experts, Christopher and Nathalie Mindus, and the company is very likely to become, over the next few years, one of the most popular partners for companies undergoing the digital transition in the Principality.

Christopher Mindus has, in fact, invented a multi-channel platform from which it is now possible to create applications via streaming. It was thus why IIZI was conceived – in order to facilitate the life of businesses and individuals by removing the necessity of downloading applications: “We have broken the code, we are doing the very opposite of how it is usually done, by creating apps that don’t need downloading, thus avoiding all problems of latency, privacy, data protection and energy consumption... Thanks to IIZI, you can take your whole world with you wherever you go and find your apps as well on your mobile, PC or tablet and even share them with others if you so wish. This is a radical change in the way apps are used!” explains Christopher Mindus, who invented this revolutionary platform.

Digital Working For Mankind

“People are always talking about a digital transition without realising that it has already happened and that we can't go back to the past – but the system can be improved.  Digital has now taken predominant place in our daily lives, along with all the issues that come with it and, in particular, in terms of data protection and confidentiality.  Currently, each time you make an online request, you are traceable and your personal information can be transmitted and shared without you realising it.  The time has come for ways to make usage simpler, more secure and less energy-hungry and that is exactly what IIZI is going to allow us to do,” explains Nathalie Mindus, whose company does not directly create apps but offers developers and consultants a new way of working.  Mindus takes care of everything: the platform, the server, storage, maintenance and roll-out.  Users will no longer have to do updates, as this will happen automatically each time an app is opened.  There's no more waiting for downloads to finish and, above all, no more worrying about one's personal information, as you can now decide whether you are traceable nor not by choosing whether or not to be on the cloud.

The Minduses believe that digital ought to be at the service of mankind and not the other way round, which is why they chose this alternative route and remain convinced that this is the only way for digital: “The working practices, needs and expectations of users have changed and from now on it is they who have the power and make the decisions.  In a hyper-connected world, we need to change our habits – digital has become a consumer product and it needs to be instantly available.”

Sustainable Equals Adaptable

“With IIZI, businesses can adapt themselves to the tastes and desires of their clients and thoroughly explore personalisation possibilities in order to create loyalty which is also essential in terms of sustainability. IIZI is a dynamic platform, designed to evolve and there are a myriad of possibilities, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3D and the  Internet of Things,” explains Nathalie Mindus, who also believes that digitalisation should be regulated: “Today's company bosses are skilled in business terms but there are deep gaps in their knowledge in terms of digital, which can be very damaging for a company.  Awareness needs to be raised and they need to be given the ways and means to think digitalisation through.  With digital, comes a change in their way of thinking – you have to see the world differently and this needs careful decision-making.”  Christopher Mindus is also regularly called upon by universities around the world to give lectures: “We need to let go of tunnel vision and I have broken the code in order to bring the human touch back into the digital transition.  With IIZI, absolutely anyone has the power to create their own apps, as it is so easy to use.”

Diversity Equals Innovation

As they take on the operational costs, the Minduses clearly hope that IIZI will be used as much as possible but they have also decided to change the way they pay developers. Contrary to the current practice of paying the developer one time after he or she has created an app, they have chosen to also pay developers 1% of the royalties each time the app is used: “Obviously, we wish to encourage the widespread use of IIZI but we also believe that developers are creators, even if that shakes up the usual business model of digital. We want everyone to be involved in this revolution. Digitalisation concerns each and every one of us and we should all be able to take part in it and contribute new ideas,” according to Nathalie Mindus, who believes that this platform is not only aimed at businesses but can also be used by public authorities. The technology as well as the underlying philosophy of IIZI could also be one of the solutions considered by a state as it undergoes the digital transition and becomes a smart city: “In the Principality, IIZI can be adapted and used in numerous different sectors: perhaps you need an app for residents or for tourists? Our applications are able to talk to each other, which could be extremely interesting to, for example, the banking sector,” adds Christopher Mindus.

“IIZI is at the forefront of innovation and very few companies in the world are able to offer such a platform,” says Nathalie Mindus, whose ambition is to see it develop internationally: “We will grow in strength thanks to our communities of developers and consultants, so we will have clients all over the world; but our base will remain here and we really do want to contribute to making Monaco more appealing.”