Support for macOS in iiziGo


The iiziGo Development tool is now in Beta support for macOS Sierra, High Sierra or Mojave using Eclipse Photon or later, with Oracle Java 1.8 or Open JDK 1.8 or better.

Details and instructions on how to install iiziGo are present on the iizi support site

iizi Early Access is officially out!

introducing iizi platform.png

Today is the day we make a change: we are proud to announce that iizi Early Access is officially out and ready to use! We are absolutely delighted to share with you this special milestone.

Our whole Mindus team is celebrating the launch of iizi, the apps revolution. We are thrilled to give you the power to build new generation of apps and extremely excited for you to join our iizi Community of Developers.

The best part is that iizi Early Access is only the beginning. We have got a bunch of surprises for you next year so stay tuned!

For techy information on how to install and use iizi, see the Knowlege Base on

The iizi Platform gives you these great features:

streaming (1).png

Discover how apps can be shared in real-time with iizi. Download the iiziRun Developer for free to preview your development live and experience how apps interact together.


A unified development for all devices and OS with a single code in Java. Our goal is to give the ultimate and simplified experience of the foundation of app development through Eclipse and Java to all.


Design your application with the drag-and-drop feature to get an instant WYSIWYG prototype. You can start your app development with UI design, Java or data, it's your choice.