TNW Afterhours @Cannes

TNW (The Next Web) Afterhours in Cannes event was awesome! Round-tables were set-up for discussions with prominent persons such as the Reddit CEO Steve Huffman (above). Coming directly from SUP46 in Sweden via Arlanda Express and Nice Airport, it was quite a temperature shock (33 degrees) from about 14 degrees in Stockholm. Luckily, we had a set of lighter clothes brought in.

Photos from EclipseCon France 2018

Some pictures taken at the EclipseCon France 2018 conference and unconference in Toulouse.

Interview: Building streamed iOS and Android apps with one Java code

Learn more about the story behind Christopher Mindus, the founder and CTO, and the iizi Platform. The talk will take place at Eclipse Con made by Eclipse Foundation in Toulouse the 13th and 14th of June. Do not worry if you miss out, the talk will be broadcasted. 

The interview is also available on Eclipse Con.

Mindus talks at EclipseCon France 2018 in Toulouse


Mindus will present iizi with a talk and exhibit in booth 7. If you are not attending the conference, the talk will be recorded and available on YouTube after June 14, 2018.

Talk contents:

Building streamed iOS and Android mobile and web apps with one Java code

Experience how all apps, mobile or web, are built the same way with iizi!

Discover how one Java code and app streaming technology enables you to build a single cross-platform app for all devices and browsers.

Based on Eclipse IDE, Data Tools Platform (DTP) and Jetty web server, the iizi platform includes prototyping in real-time, UI design, debugging and testing, deployment, a production server with hosting and creation of web and mobile apps for tablet and phone for Android and iOS.

This introduction to iizi will cover:

  • The iizi event driven streamed architecture.
  • Using the VirtualSpace to model your app.
  • Prototyping the UI attached to the VirtualSpace.
  • Running the prototype on live devices during construction.
  • Using localization with automatic translation for multi-language apps.
  • Writing Java code for events in the VirtualSpace or the UI.
  • Using data connectors to populate VirtualSpace data (SQL, Web services).
  • Building and deploying the final iiziApp.
  • Experience New Gen apps live: “Follow-Me” and “Share”.
  • Creating a customized app for Android for Google Play and iOS App Store for publishing on the “stores”.

(Optional attendee requirement: download iiziRun Developer from Google Play or the App Store to your phone or tablet. Laptop users can use a modern browser. This requirement enables you to experience the prototype and app live.)

Come and see us in our “Mindus” exhibitor booth 7 for more live experiences!