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Costly multiple developments are obsolete. With iizi, simplified Java and unified coding for all, we solve developers multiple development issues. iizi unification also removes multiple support, update and deployment issues. iizi reinstates sustainability and adaptability throughout the entire app life cycle. This smart architecture offers a natural safe protection of data.

The new way of creating apps provides power and freedom to all app developers, unleashing innovation through smart code.

Mindus grants access to iizi, the simplified powerful professional tool, equaling to 10 years of R&D. Anybody wishing to contribute and exchange on tomorrow’s digital expectations can build apps with iizi, the user-friendly Java based app machine, that provides enterprise quality and stability. 

iizi is the Grail for developers.
— Beta testers, Monaco Telecom, Crédit Agricole, SNCF

Streaming apps


A major obstacle to one development for all devices is that apps today, are built to be installed in a specific device. These customized apps for different devices implicates limitations due to the devices interfaces, sizes and functions.

In order to bypass that issue, and deliver a universal cross-platform, streaming apps in the cloud is the chosen solution. iizi provides a platform to build apps for all. Further, Mindus optimized the streaming by creating a two-way communication to offer interactivity between the the cloud and its devices.

The numerous essentials advantages of streaming cloud apps apart reducing costs and time optimization are:

  • empower control over the full life cycle of the app
  • lack of latency enhancing the real-time experience
  • control: centralization of maintenance, support and updates
  • scalability: cloud capacity scales both up and down with optional elasticity.
  • sustainability: easy to modify for new products, updates. Recyclable apps.
  • storage: no downloading on the device means no limitation for space for the app
  • safety: data is safe on the cloud with backups, data is not in the device, less risk than in device
  • security: only one request is required to establish communication to the server provides a natural protection. Every request is a breach.
  • one certification on the "stores": immediate deployment, fast time to market, best efficiency 
Amazing! iizi can be applied to anything and solve multiple demands, it will change the business.
— Tieto

Cross platform in Java


In 2016, an individual on the planet ownes 1, 7 devices; this number is predicted to raise to 4, 7 devices by 2020. That is why it is a necessity to optimize apps with a single development platform to ensure efficiency, compatibility and sustainability. 

Why Java? Because Java is the #1 most popular programming language. 

The iizi platform offers simultaneous development for all devices and platforms - Android, Apple, Windows and the web.

Build mobile and web applications once and deploy on any device. The unified cross-platform technology delivers apps 10 times faster than traditional methods.

Only iizi enables you to mix native, web and hybrid approaches in a single app with maximum flexibility and total control.

The cross-platform is meant to rapidly adapt apps to new market requirements and goals change, without compromising the app development.

iizi is the only platform ready to connect it all, things and actions, the Internet of Life – IoL.

The genius of iizi is the unique blend of Java into mobile technology.
— Groupe SIPA

Follow Me and Share

Whether you plan a dinner, organize an event or work on a project, sharing your actual app in real-time elevates your experience to seamless dimensions.

As said, owning in average 4,7 devices per person by 2020, make us expect to be able to swap our apps across any devices.

iizi is the digital master key to fluid usage across any device with real-time services.

Optimize what you do. The app follows you everywhere. You are free to choose the device whenever.

Community has reached new dimension. Share your app live with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Interact your action with others.

Bringing connectivity beyond by sharing the whole app.

Be a powerful brand differentiator. Offer the ultimate seamless experience to your customers. By building smart and connected apps, you will create new sources of competitive advantage.


A video below inviting you to discover iizi seamless innovation.

Wow! Finally, Mindus has given us freedom to choose any device at anytime. We can leave without anything.
— Young entrepreneur, From The Bay