Digital transformation implies transformation of the mind, technologies, strategy and workforce. Apps are the core for digital transformation. Building app is to be smart, flexible and quick. It is essential to simplify the app development process for professionals (young geeks and tech agencies) and to open the door to any individuals who wish to develop an app. Apps have to offer awesome services, full digital control and freedom. Digital life has to be simple.

The constant state of change in the IT environment pushes any kind of business to quickly transform and adapt to the new digital needs. Today, there are more mobiles in the world than Internet connections. Mobile apps are the future of services. iizi helps anticipate and match the expectations and needs of users.

iizi is the app conception platform for true digital transformation with a new mindset. It is the smart and quick way to build cross-platforms applications, for small businesses to enterprises. iizi makes app development easy for everyone.

New digital thinking. New digital life. Outside the box.


iizi is the remaking of apps. The solution provided brings a huge simplification of coding the Lego way and a unified cross-platform technology by streaming apps. It is smart code, not low code/no code. iizi is a new technology mixing solid and sustainable Java code with mobile technology accessible to anyone. Inter-generational innovation is strength.

Retake total control and flexibility over the entire app development lifecycle. Moreover, iiziApps are ready to integrate existing systems that run the business. Tightly integrated apps are recognized as bringing the greatest value. It simplifies and unifies the expert demanding cross-platform app making.


iiziApps are different, smart, cross-platform, custom-centric, quick, flexible, sustainable, integrated and big data-ready. By offering real-time services through Follow me and Share functions, iizi makes digital life simple and better for everyone.

Creating an app is complex: you must code each line in a responsive way and make it for all platforms. The two burdens of app developers are the number of platforms and the native coding. Java is enterprise, solid, secure and sustainable, while mobile is fast, adaptable and requires new functions. iizi gives the best of both worlds by innovating the enterprise’s architecture and blending it to modern technologies.

  App development has never been this easy.

App development has never been this easy.



The Sharing Economy gives expectancy for strong growth. Could an app be a common shopping basket for different brands?

Around the world, everyone wants to reduce waste. By recycling everything from wasted time to wasted space, millions of people are creating innovative ways to pool resources for income, giving new jobs in the process. iizi extends pooling to apps.

iizi shares it all: knowledge, ideas, the making, deployment, communication and services. Keep on the disruption by bringing seamless to reality: seamless connectivity, seamless apps, giving real-time services.