Digital transformation implies transformation of the mind, technologies, strategy and workforce. Digital life has to be simple.

Apps are the core for digital transformation. It is essential to simplify the app development process for professionals (young geeks and tech agencies) and to open the door to any individuals who wish to develop an app. 

iizi is the app conception platform for true digital transformation. By breaking the code, we strive to make life easier for non-coders, citizen and professional developers.

Democratizing code widens diversity and creativity. It also helps to meet the growing demand of developers, enabling diverse people to integrate digitalization faster. iizi makes app development accessible to anyone.

New digital thinking. New digital life. Outside the box.


The requirement of multiple code to fit different devices and operating systems, is the main obstacle to unified transformation and reusable development.

I had to build a simple single sustainable solution.

Breaking the code itself and its communication is how iizi makes it possible.
— Christopher Mindus, the CTO and Co-Founder

iizi is the remaking of apps. The solution provided brings a huge simplification of coding the Lego way and a unified cross-platform technology by streaming apps. It is smart code, not low code/no code. iizi is a unique high control and high productivity platform. The core of iizi is event, focus and intent driven, making it so easy to unleash creativity, allowing instant prototypes, full customization and new apps challenges. All in Java. Totally focused on Customer Experience, disrupting services.

iiziApps are different, smart, cross-platform, custom-centric, quick, flexible, sustainable, secured, integrated and big data-ready. By offering real-time services through Follow me and Share functions, iizi makes digital life simple and better for everyone. Reinventing apps communication by streaming apps gives agnosticism, zero latency and optimal data protection.

As apps are not running on the devices; the data is stored securely on the server, so optimal security is naturally implied. The apps can be picked up anywhere, from anything. Users do not lose a thing anymore, due to battery or connection failure. Disrupt customer services by producing a new gen of apps with iizi, unleash your apps to each other and deliver new customer experiences with shared baskets, assistance, tutorials… Make iiziApps with built in personal assistance.

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